Our Samplers have always been the best, and now there are even more options!

All SEAL Autosamplers Feature:

  • Random access autosampler, accessing any cup at any time, enabling duplicate sampling and automatic repeats of off-scale or carry-over affected samples
  • USB communication
  • Different probes for all sample types, including acidic samples
  • Separate calibration rack for standards and quality control (except Sampler 6)
  • Probe depth software adjustable (except Sampler 6)
  • Multiple options in sample cup sizes (except Sampler 6)
  • Optional wash pump (except Sampler 6)
  • Compatible with Dilutor 3 (except Sampler 6)


Autosampler Model Options

(full descriptions to the right)

  • Sampler 6: 89 x 5 ml cups. Compact. Low Cost
  • XY2 Autosampler: XYZ Autosampler. Up to 180 sample cups
  • XY3 Autosampler: XYZ Autosampler. Up to 270 sample cups
  • Autosampler 120: Up to 120 samples. Dual probe option.
  • Autosampler 360: Up to 360 samples.
  • Autosampler 540: Up to 540 samples. Dual & quad probe option.

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