• Clamp-on flow measurement

    Flow measurement in fluids, gases and steam with low installations costs and stable readings!


    VegaPuls 64 is the first radar-based level gauge for liquids that measures at 80 GHz.

  • Gas analyzers

    OxyDetect, monitoring of Oxygen in room air. There is no better!

About us

OmniProcess offers complete solutions around field instrumentation and analytical equipment to the Swedish process industry.

Our knowledge about our products and our customers applications give our customers comfort, profitability and increased competitiveness.

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Our vision

OmniProcess is the natural partner for the Swedish process industry.

A company filled with knowledge

Everybody knows that good solutions, within process automation, are based on knowledge both around the product but also about the specific application where the product is going to be used. We have gathered more than 400 years of experience from the process automation market in Sweden.

We always help our customers to thin about the ”Cost of ownership”. It’s the total cost for a solution is important. The price for the product is almost always small compared to the total cost for the product during the complete life cycle. The costs for construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance, service are all important the deciding factors for a successful project. We always try to make it “Correct direct”. This in combination with products of highest quality from our suppliers makes it possible for us to offer and deliver solutions with low total costs.