OmniProcess AB was formed 2002 through a merger between Kontram and Bergman & Beving Process. Both companies have been established suppliers of process equipment on the Swedish market during a long time.

Kontram was established in Finland in the middle of the 60s. They took their first step into Sweden 1986 when they bought Essholm Instrument AB. Kontram developed to one of the leading suppliers of process instrumentation in Sweden trough the acquisitions of M3-Nivå & Flöde and Conrad Ekengren. A very important step was taken 1996 when Yokogawa decided to choose Kontram as their Swedish representative. Yokogawa has with their comprehensive product offer and their reputation on the world market given us a very strong position on the Swedish market.

Kontram AB moved to the current address in Solna 1998 and was bought by the Swedish business group Addtech in September 2001.

Process analytical equipment has been part of the core business since the middle of the 60s. We have been representing, Kemotron and K-Patents, both very strong Scandinavian manufacturers of process equipment. This has given us a through knowledge about the application within the market at the same time given us a leading position as a supplier to the business segments; Paper&Pulp, Food and Energy production.

SEG Process was established 1977 by Alf Fluur. The company has since the start been focusing in flow measurements. Their most important supplier has since the beginning been Bronkhorst HIGH-TECH and well known manufacturer of mass flow meters and mass flow controllers.

OmniProcess bought SEG Process in March 2008. Magnus Fluur and Mickael Lehmann is know working for OmniProcess and have given us a very strong product range for flow measurement.